Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Understanding and various protocols

A protocol may be a set of rules or standards or permit association, communication, and transferring knowledge between 2 or a lot of laptop points. Protocol is implemented in hardware, software or a mixture of each. At the bottom level, the protocol defines the hardware association. The protocol used to see the categories of services which will be done on the net.

  • HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) may be a protocol used to transfer info on the planet Wide internet (WWW). This protocol may be a light-weight protocol, not the standing and generic that may be used numerous styles of documents.
  • Gopher is an application that may explore for notices on the net, however solely the "basic text" solely, or with teks.Untuk get notified via Gopher, we've got to attach themselves with the Gopher server on the net. Gopher may be a protocol that's previous and began on the left as a result of its use isn't sesedeharna HTTP. 
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an online protocol that runs on application layer that is normal for transferring files (files) between computers the machines in an internetwork. FTP is one in all the earliest net protocols were developed, and continues to be used these days to try and do the download (download) and (upload) files between computers penggugahan FTP consumer and FTP server. In general, this browser has the newest version supports FTP.
  • Mailto, mailto protocol used to send mail through the net. Protocol format is: mailto: nama_email @ hostname Example: mailto: 
  • TCP / IP (Transmission management Protocol / Internet Protocol) may be a knowledge communications normal employed by the net community within the method of exchanging knowledge from one laptop to a different laptop on the net.

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