Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Tips to Avoid Google Ban

10 Tips to Avoid Google Ban

Let's 1st outline what's "banned"? There are 2 cases that are sometimes said tire out there:
  • If your page has been declining instead of Google's index and doesn't show anymore for target keywords.
  • When the IP you're sealed and you must not use carian Google for a few time.
These 2 issues somewhat undesirable. the primary is applied to the page you when it's not in accordance with Google's webmaster pointers. The second is implemented for your IP address after you perform variety of queries to Google's aggressive at a time. Mujurlah, you'll be able to simply circumvent the two-two styles of Google bans follow the foundations below. allow us to 1st handle the ban on the page:

  1. Make your websites offered. invariably use a reliable hosting perkhidmatan with sensible uptime (not but ninety nine.5%) and quick response times. If Googlebot involves your webpage and may not access it, the page you will drop.
  2. Provide distinctive and relevant content. Fill your website with contemporary distinctive content that's relevant to the theme of your page and fascinating to your guests. Write your content for humans, not bots enjin carian. If you notice a replica of the content on your page, Google could exclude instead of the index.
  3. Do not use kaedah spam to push your web site. Never use a door, hidden text, keyword crammed automatic generated pages, cloaking or different spamming techniques. Remember, we tend to all use Google to carian. don't dump garbage in Google's index.
  4. Be careful to foster links. Not all inbound links are sensible. Keep the page to attach to you. don't accompany the gathering of links. Cubalah to induce links from websites relevant theme or shut. Never spam forums, book guests or a comment along with your link! Outbound links also are necessary. taking note to what websites you link from your web site. don't link to websites that use spam techniques, kerana this could end in banning your page.
  5. Make your websites crawlable. give the way for Googlebot to index all of your pages. produce a sitemap, if you utilize JavaScript or Flash links - copy them to a clear text. check that your server properly handles errors, like 403, 404, appropriation and thus on. Shrubs rosak links and HTML errors with some HTML validator tool.
  6. Avoid the utilization of fields that have a nasty history. Areas of use on the black list to your web site

    How to avoid IP ban?

  7. Do not use unauthorized software to ascertain the online ranking. Limit the employment of Google software automatically sends search queries to Google. Actually, to be 100% certain your IP won't be banned - don't check your net position in the least.
  8. Use the Google API. If you actually got to check your web site rank on Google, attempt to use the software and tools that may work through the Google net API. Google API is that the solely legitimate thanks to perform automated queries to Google.
  9. Limit the quantity of searches. If the accuracy of Google's search results API isn't sufficient for your functions and using natural search is very important to you, attempt to limit the look for some affordable quantity of numbers. If you check the online, don't check the primary a thousand results, reducing the look for the primary 30-50 results. this can offer you an adequate image of your current position and can not provide Google plenty of stress additionally.
  10. Use Google to its main purpose. Use Google to look solely, and you are doing not get your IP banned.
source : cleverstat

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