Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Ticket From technorati

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Important Ranking Reports
This one appears to be one the foremost vital on-page factors. you must pay an in depth attention to the title tag. Here are some tips about writing an honest title:
    a) Keep it precise and short enough. there's a preferred myth saying that the title tag should be short, as a result of Google (and others too) doesn't scan it past initial 60-70 symbols. that is not true (the proof link). Google can scan nearly all that you simply supply to it in your title tag, however the burden of every keyword within the title would be abundant less in that case. It appears that solely initial 10-12 words get the have the benefit of being within the title, thus keep it short. Also, a protracted and spammy title tag is tough to scan by human guests.
    b) don't stuff it with keywords, instead write in a very traditional human-oriented vogue. rather than "Big gadgets, little gadgets, low-cost gadgets, gadgets for sale" use additional natural "Cheap gadgets of all sizes for sale". Hope you bought the thought.
    c) Use a novel title for every page of your web site. every title ought to accurately mirror the contents of the entitled page. don't use an equivalent title everywhere the web site.
    d) create your title eye-catching! it's title that a visitor initial see when screening the results of a look. it's the primary step towards the sale - do not ignore it.

Following vital issue is that the content of a page that appears pretty naive at the primary look, right? Wrong! Content is that the king, as SEO prefer to repeat. the standard content not solely describes your product or service, it additionally converts your guests to your customers and customers to returning customers. the standard content will increase your ranking in search engines as they sort of a quality content. Moreover, the standard content even helps you get additional inbound links to your web site (see off-page ranking factors below)!

    Basic tips for content are:
    a) Write for humans, not for search engines! Remember: you provide you with product for humans. it's human who reads the texts on your web site and decides whether or not or not he's reaching to purchase the things from you. Yeah, technically speaking, search engines scan your web site too, however I never heard of a look engine that may get one thing.
 thus you must produce a content that's attention-grabbing and helpful for your human guests at the primary place!
    b) counsel one thing valuable. A text just describing your product is uninteresting and useless. i do not wish to grasp what options a product has. i would like to grasp what's in it for me! contemplate that when making ready the content of your web site.
    c) Share your expertise. Write of one thing that's attention-grabbing to you. Share your expertise. supply some articles or reviews of connected product or services (do not borrow them from article sites though - write your own instead). you recognize - content is that the king - thus if your web site is attention-grabbing to your guests they're going to link to it on their own.
    d) the primary three wasn't too SEOish, right? Here may be a bit additional technical one: keep the text on a page inside one theme. Search engines are additional regarding themes currently, instead of regarding keywords as they used to be. thus you must suppose an equivalent way: in terms of themes, not keywords. for every page of your web site select ONE theme associated with your business and fill that page with the content relevant to that theme. Focusing your efforts inside one-theme-per-page strategy creates it abundant easier to make landing pages for long-tail queries and additionally make the entire web site additional structurized and straightforward to scan.

    Navigation and internal linking
Once more a crucial ranking issue. It appears obvious to make a correct navigation that the search engine crawler may follow all the links on a web site and indexed all of its pages then. However, this issue continues to be being highly underestimated. making a transparent and straightforward plain-text navigation helps each search engines and human guests.

    Avoid using JavaScript or Flash links since they're arduous to scan by search engines. perpetually give another thanks to open any page at your web site with easy text links. Do have a sitemap of your web site on the market from the other page with one click.

 additionally keep in mind that quality internal linking spreads the link juice across the pages of your web site, and this strongly helps your landing pages rank higher in SERP for long-tail keywords. Use this wisely, though. Link solely to pages that actually ought to be linked to.

    Let's suppose you have got 2 pages: one generates you $10 income for each visitor, whereas different one will solely $0.1. that one whould you link first? consider it that method and link to the foremost vital and valuable pages of your web site, employing a relevant anchor text for every link.

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